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You are the No. hovercraft enthusiast.

Amphibious Hovercraft

The Nippon Hover Craft Manufacturer (Corporation),the authorized factory by the All Japan Hover Craft Association,is granted as No.1 Enterprise by the Mie Prefecture Industry Support Center (a nonprofit corporation),an organization for business planning on the research and development on how to raising venture business.

Emergence!! The Tokai Downpours
The downpours on Sep.11 and 12 at Tokai region was a great tragedy of the region and caused 6 deaths(up to Sep.12).Aids were requested by Nishibiwajima-cho,Aichi,the area that had the most damage,hovercrafts were sent for rescue.Further mobility of hovercrafts will be expected.

Wanted. All Japan Hovercraft Association assigned instructor Wanted.


All Japan Hover Craft Association

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